Music Education & Production

Musicians Unite Showcasing Innovative Creations

The M.U.S.I.C. Society is a club created at the 

University of Canberra for musicians to unite, 

collaborate and showcase their innovative creations

Our Mission is to:

Create a community for like-minded musicians and artists that adds value to their university experience as well as personal and professional development through music.

The objectives of the club are to provide members with the following:

1.              Opportunity to network with both UC, ACT and surrounds - musicians and artists.
2.              Perform and practice music craft, individually and in groups over a range of genres.
3.              Support colleagues and peers to gain expertise in music and the music business.
4.              Engage with music business professionals and learn music business knowledge and skills.
5.              Develop and enhance technical skills (music, performance and stage), innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity skills.
6.              Develop and maintain music business partnerships for the benefit of members.
7.              Add value to the UC student experience through community engagement at the University of Canberra.

Membership: $10 / Semester


M.U.S.I.C. Society is a social club. However, we undertake music education in the form of workshops, field trips and guest speakers.

Rohan Reece, a contemporary music student at UC, developed a Rock’s Cool Music / Entrepreneurship education program. The program ran for three semesters. Students/participants in the program wanted to continue with their music and learning. So we registered to be a society, and were successful in August 2018. We have 22 paid members, three bands have formed, two solo artists, two businesses and a social enterprise. Rohan is still involved as an alumni. There are PhD students to new first year students and we have a few new solo artists as well as bands. Members can book a jam time slot through the MUSIC UCX site. 

We have ambitions of bringing in more genres and we are looking for leaders to take on this role with like minded musicians/artists. 

So far the M.U.S.I.C. society comprises of the following projects: 

     Rock's Cool @ UC

     Spread the Jam$10 per Semester - Mon nights at 6pm in 1A21 Theatrette at UC

     Trivia Tuesdays - Once a semester we host Music Trivia at The Well on campus

     Karaoke Jams - Multi-instrument karaoke sessions 

       * Event and Jam times and dates are posted on the M.U.S.I.C Facebook page