Music Education & Production

Rock's Cool @ UC 2022

Participants will learn about the music industry, start up their business, develop as a musician and be mentored to enhance their personal and professional development. This semester we aim to focus on performance, recording and online marketing. In 2018 we received a $5,000 grant from Domino's and another $5,000 in 2019 to send participants to a professional recording studio and create a killer track. Very exciting! Your future is now. 


2022 Rock's Cool Program  (Jul - Nov


This year we aim to focus on:  


 Form a band and develop your stage skills


Take your polished song to the studio

Professional Development 

online presence and marketing

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The concept of the Rock’s Cool Program began in 2009 when Rohan (creator / musical director) was studying music business with Rodney Holder (Alchemist / Southbank Institute of Technology). Now in 2020, in collaboration with entrepreneurship students from the Business Government and Law Faculty at the University of Canberra, Rock's Cool at UC continues its outstanding contribution to the community.

The program runs from 5 to 8pm on Thursday evenings and covers 16 weeks of learning and jamming. Participants primarily form groups and work towards an end of semester performance. Halfway through the evening pizza is provided by Rock’s Cool sponsor Domino’s! 

Participants can expect to learn about the music business, performance, recording, song writing and instrument care. In 2018 and 2019 participants were lucky enough to record, free of charge, in the world class studio at the Australian National University.  

Email from Participant: 

"I recently joined Rocks Cool at UC and am surprised by how great the initiative is and how ambitious the objectives are, I feel lucky to have found it and am very happy being able to play a bit of music every week."