Music Education & Production

The Manager: Rohan Reece


Rohan has an authentic approach to his music and has built up a wide range of musical skills and talents, resulting in business ventures that have production, performance and education arms. Rohan has the added advantage of a creative and entrepreneurial spirit, as a result, at 15 Rohan formed the band that would become Morpheus and began performing as both a singer and guitarist.  

As a student of contemporary music, he played live at iconic venues in the ACT, such as the ANU Bar and Woden Youth Cafe. Trained in performance and audio engineering, Rohan shares his philosophy, love and knowledge of music and produces, teaches and mentors peers, students and new comers to the music industry. 

Committed to his music career, Rohan moved to Melbourne in 2006 where he worked at a recording studio as an audio engineer and during this time he recorded his own album of original material, which featured on the radio during a live interview

In 2008, Rohan again relocated to further his musical knowledge. Working in Brisbane, he formed new bands and completed a music business diploma. During this time, he continued to write, record and perform live music, as well as teach guitar and manage a young and emerging rock band Dirtybird

In 2010, Rohan launched his music education website Rock’s Cool offering guitar tuition, song production and promotion. Keen to sharpen his music and business knowledge Rohan currently resides in Canberra and recently completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Music through the University of Canberra. 

He continues to play live in Australia and currently performs in a Nirvana cover band Revenge on Seattle. Rohan also manages the Dirty Genes Band and runs a rock school at the University of Canberra.