Music Education & Production

Music Education and Production

Rock's Cool and the University of Canberra are proud to present:

Rock's Cool @ UC 

A Kick Start Program for Up and Coming Musicians

Participants will restore their instrument of choice, which has been donated to them by the local community and will get them started on their music career or business. They will learn about the music industry, start up their business, develop as a musician and be mentored to enhance their personal and professional development, all at no cost to participants. Participants will perform at a concert at the end of the semester. 

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"Rock's Cool started with the idea of  sharing musical knowledge with the rest of the world. 

Music is so powerful and I wish everyone had the opportunity to be expressive in musical form. 

Rock's Cool can give you the skills to either begin writing music or if you're already a composer, to record and mix your music to pass on or even sell to others. Or maybe you want your music available online or played on the radio.  

There are many ways to share your music these days so we would like to help you make your music stand out from the rest of the crowd."


Support Rock's Cool @ UC

by Donating a Musical Instrument or piece of Equipment


pop into Cafe Mizzuna and buy a DVD or some Merchandise

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